Town Board Meeting – December 6th, 2017, 7:00pm

RESOLUTION #21-244/2017 Authorize Accounts Payable
RESOLUTION #21-245/2017 Declare Intent to be Lead Agency – Refer to Planning Board, Set Public Hearing Date, and Petition for Rezoning – SPS Medical Services
RESOLUTION #21-246/2017 Authorize Request for Special Use Permit Extension – Application No. 2016-025, East Side of East River Road Development – Morgan Acquistions, LLC, to Construct a Multifamily Residential Development located at Lehigh Station Road and East River Road
RESOLUTION #21-247/2017 Accept Dedication of Roadway and Storm Sewers – Stone Hill Estates Subdivision
RESOLUTION #21-248/2017 Declare Intent to be Lead Agency – Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan
RESOLUTION #21-249/2017 Adopt Local Law No. 10 of 2017 to Update the Town Code to Designate an Additional Person as Records Access Officer
RESOLUTION #21-250/2017 Adopt Local Law No. 11 of 2017 to Adjust the Composition of the Historic Site Committee
RESOLUTION #21-251/2017 Approve Land Acquisition Agreement for the New Henrietta Public Library
RESOLUTION #21-252/2017 Authorize Budget Transfers
RESOLUTION #21-253/2017 Authorize Personnel Items

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18 Dec 2017
04:30PM -
Town Board Workshop
20 Dec 2017
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Town Board Meeting
21 Dec 2017
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Zoning Board Meeting
22 Dec 2017
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Christmas Eve Observed - Town Hall Closes at 12:30
25 Dec 2017
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