In 2005, the Historic Site Committee, the preservation committee for the town, presented its first Centennial Farm Award. This award was given to Donald and Isabelle Yost of Brooks Road. Don’s ancestors bought the property in 1905. By this award, we honor those farm families who have contributed to the preservation of Henrietta’s agricultural resources and heritage. 

 Gary Goodridge, a member of the Historic Site Committee, explains it this way: “Henrietta’s early, self-sustaining farms were the very basis that our town was founded upon.  They have been our history, and a factor in our economic growth! When, in the early 1800’s, the pioneers left their worn-out New England farms and settled on the rich and fertile soil of the Genesee Valley, they made agriculture the prominent occupation for almost 150 years. It still is an important part of the town. On the Yost farm, horses replace the dairy cows, hay replaces the corn, cabbage, oats and wheat crops of old, but there are still 80 acres of tillable land, and with 40 horses occupying the new barn, the farm is still growing.” 

It is important that we encourage and help to preserve our local farms and barns. We need to save them for future generations. Our goal is to not only promote agricultural awareness, but to gain a deeper understanding of our unique agricultural heritage. 
The Historic Site Committee is looking for other families and farms that will qualify for this award. We want to honor those families who have worked their land for multiple generations despite the economic challenges of modern agriculture and times. If you know of people who are still working their farms, or would like more information, please contact Helen Elam at 334-3460.