Refuse Collection Information

The collection of refuse, recycling, and yard waste is not a service provided by the Town of Henrietta.  Property owners are required to hire an independent refuse collector licensed to operate in the Town of Henrietta.  The list of licensed refuse collectors is updated annually.  For assistance/guidance with regard to debris that cannot be disposed of through your refuse company, please contact the Department of Public Works at (585) 359-7005.

Authorized Residential Refuse Collectors

Casella Waste Systems (585) 254-7081
Coakley Disposal (585) 624-4344
LT Disposal (585) 889-4760
Waste Management (585) 254-3500


Authorized Commercial Refuse Collectors

Cascade Recovery (585) 427-8110  
Casella Waste Systems (585) 254-7081  
Coakley Disposal (585) 624-4344  
D-C Roll-Off (585) 750-7230        - Roll-Off Dumpster Rental  
Shanks Enterprises, Inc. (585) 582-2120  
Suburban Disposal (585) 352-3900  
Waste Management (585) 254-3500  


Residential Refuse Collection Schedule

In response to a reoccurring request from residents, in the early part of 2017 all licensed residential refuse collectors were invited to meet with us here at Town Hall to help strategize ways to lessen refuse traffic in our residential neighborhoods without causing a hardship to the collectors.  All licensed residential collectors were invited, but only three collectors attended.  However, the three that attended were the collectors with the largest amount of customers in Henrietta.  In order to minimize changes to the majority of Henrietta residents who have grown accustomed to their pickup day, a suggestion was made for the three refuse collectors with the majority of customers to maintain their existing schedule – which would result in, at maximum, 3 pickup days in each residential neighborhood – and for the remaining collectors to modify their schedules to match.  The three residential refuse collectors with the largest amount of customers were sent a Henrietta street listing for them to indicate which days they were on each street.  In order to create a visual representation of the data, the resulting list was then used to generate a color coded map.  A public hearing was held on July 19, 2017 regarding the proposed local law to establish residential solid waste and recycling collection areas and to designate the days of the week for collection to occur in those areas and the Town Board adopted Local Law No. 5 of 2017 at the August 16, 2017 Town Board Meeting. 


***Please note - this is a large, detailed map that may take a minute or two to download***



Refuse receptacles should be placed in front of your property after 4:00 p.m. on the day preceding your normal refuse collection day. After collection, all empty refuse containers must be removed as soon as possible, but not later than midnight of the collection day.

Per Town Code §234-11, refuse collectors are not allowed to collect earlier than 6:00 a.m. or later than 6:00 p.m.


Yard Waste Information

Although the Town of Henrietta does NOT pickup yard waste, as a Henrietta resident, your refuse collector is required to.  Each of the residential refuse collectors licensed to operate in the Town of Henrietta have their own parameters for yard waste pickup.  Please make yourself familiar with the policy of your refuse collector, because if it is not contained properly, it will not be collected.


Quantity of yard waste collected per week Comments
Casella Waste Systems 6 plastic bags or bundles per week, however a spring and fall cleanup where up to 20 plastic bags or bundles per week will be collected from April 1 - May 31 and October 1 - November 30. Leaves and grass clippings need to be placed in PLASTIC bags - NOT lawn or leaf paper bags. Brush, branches and sticks need to be bundled in 4’ lengths or shorter, with no bundles bigger around than 2' - the bundles need to be manageable for a person to pick up chest high. Stumps, logs, or cut up trees will NOT be collected. Christmas trees will be collected as long as they are cut and bundled into 4' lengths or shorter.
Coakley Disposal 6 bags/bundles per week Leaves and grass clippings need to be placed in biodegradable bags not weighing over 35 pounds; brush, branches and sticks need to be bundled in 4’ lengths. Please call ahead of time to give advance notice.
LT Disposal No limit Leaves and grass clippings need to be placed in bags (paper or plastic). Brush, branches and sticks need to be bundled in 4’ lengths. Christmas trees will be collected as long as they're bundled in 4' lengths or shorter.
Waste Management 3 yards - anything over 3 yards would require calling ahead Leaves and grass clippings need to be placed in PLASTIC bags only - NOT lawn or leaf paper bags; brush, branches and sticks need to be bundled and tied in 4’ lengths, weighing no more than 50 lbs. Christmas trees will be taken as long as they are cut in half.


If you have any questions, please contact your refuse collector directly.


Leaf and Brush Drop Off

During the spring and fall, the Town of Henrietta offers a leaf and brush drop off event for Henrietta residents during a number of weekends at Martin Road Park South.  For dates and times, as well as any other questions about the event, please call the Department of Public Works at (585) 359-7005.


Recycling Information

Is this item recyclable?  Sometimes it can be hard to remember, especially if it’s an item without a recycle symbol clearly marked.  As a refresher, please visit the Monroe County ecoPark’s Curbside Recycling webpage.

On the topic of recycling, you may have noticed that on windy days, due to open recycling containers, materials designated for recycling can become airborne and litter our neighborhoods.  In order to help us keep Henrietta beautiful, please remember to flatten items where possible and to stack them in a way that will minimize debris.  On particularly windy days, in order to prevent you and your neighbors from having to chase materials down the street, it is advisable to either delay recycling or to take your recyclable material to Monroe County ecopark at 10 Avion Drive, Rochester, NY 14624. 

But what about items that don’t fit into your recycling bins to begin with?  As you already know, online shopping has become really popular and as a result, many of us have lots of cardboard to recycle which often doesn’t fit into our designated recycling bins.  What’s the best way to gather all of this flattened cardboard to ensure that it will not only get picked up with the rest of our recycling but that it will also get recycled?  Although each residential refuse collector is required to pick up recycling, they all handle the recycling differently.  For your convenience, we have gathered the following information.  However, for any specific questions, please contact your refuse collector directly.


Recycling Container What to do with cardboard that does not fit into the container Where does the recycling go?
Casella Waste Systems 16 gallon bins or 64 gallon recycling toters with a lid.
Casella is transitioning to toters, so any new customer will receive a toter and any existing customer wanting a toter will simply need to request it
Cut all cardboard into pieces manageable to fit into the recycling toter.
NOTE: Do NOT put any recyclable items into plastic bags!
Monroe County Recycling Center
Coakley Disposal 16 gallon bins / toter with lid available upon request Flatten any size cardboard and place under the recycling bin Centerpoint Transfer Station in Scottsville and/or Monroe County Recycling
LT Disposal 16 gallon bins Flatten any size cardboard Casella Zero Sort Processing in Ontario County
Waste Management 18 gallon bins Break down cardboard and tie into 2' x 4'  bundles and place near your recycling bin Monroe County Recycling Center


For recyclable items that cannot be collected by your refuse collector, such as electronics or household appliances, a great place to take these items is the Monroe County ecoPark. For more information on what materials can be taken to Monroe County ecoPark and specific requirements, please visit their website at or email