As winter approaches, The Town of Henrietta would like to remind you of necessary rules and regulations that provide for your safety and for the safety of the traveling public on main roads and neighborhood streets within the Town of Henrietta during the winter season. We appreciate your cooperation.

image002The Henrietta Highway Department is responsible for snow and ice control on Town, County and State roads within the Town of Henrietta, with the exception of the NYS Thruway and I-390. Our Department of Public Works is staffed twenty-four hours a day during the winter season and may be reached at 359-7005. Our Highway Department follows the “Sensible Salting Guidelines” established by the County of Monroe, in conjunction with the Environmental Management Council. This requires us to use only enough salt to make our highways safe for motorists and requires motorists to reduce their driving speed according to road conditions.

Winter Parking: In order to facilitate snow removal operations and eliminate potential hazards, the parking of vehicles on all highways within the Town, including the shoulders of the roads, is prohibited between the hours of 2:00 AM and 9:00 AM from November 1st to April 15th. Vehicles in violation of this ordinance are subject to aparking ticket (minimum $50.00). Repeat violators or vehicles that prevent plowing of a street may be towed and the vehicle’s owner will be responsible for all towing and storage charges incurred by the Town.

image004Mailbox Policy: The Town of Henrietta is one of a small number of towns that still repairs or replaces mailboxes damaged during snowplowing operations. Since there is no statutory or legal authority which grants an owner or resident the right to place a mailbox along a public road in the right-of-way, our repairs and replacements are done as a courtesy and must be limited to standard size steel rural mailboxes and steel pipe posts. Custom posts and mailboxes cannot be replaced with anything other than the standard replacements. If you have an expensive and/or decorative mailbox or post, you may want to consider the option of storing it for the winter and replacing it with an inexpensive substitute. This decorative category also includes the one-piece plastic post and mailbox combinations, which are extremely susceptible to winter damage.

image005Driveway Clearing: When clearing your driveway of snow, please remember that New York State Law requires that the snow remains on your own property. Any snow pushed, blown, or plowed onto any street is a safety hazard and may result in tickets being issued under New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. If your driveway is plowed by a private contractor, both the homeowner and the plow operator share the legal responsibility for compliance with these regulations. 


Thank you for assisting the Town in trying to ensure motorist safety during the winter months.