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If possible, check with your neighbors, they might know where the dog lives. Call the Animal Control Office, (585) 359-7009, they may know of an owner driving around looking for the dog, can check lost dog reports, and if the dog has tags they may be able to look up the owner's information and contact them. If no owner can be located, the Animal Control Officer can pick up the dog.

Do not take a dog that you've found to an Animal Hospital, including Suburban Animal Hospital where Henrietta's holding facility is located, they will refuse to take it, you have to call Henrietta Animal Control.

If you suspect neglect or abuse (for instance the dog doesn’t have shelter from the sun, wind or cold temperatures) please call the investigators at the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm, (585) 223-6500  You can report this anonymously and they will check on the dog.

Your dog needs to get a license at four (4) months of age. Licenses are issued at the Town Clerk’s office in the Town Hall. Bring along the dog’s current rabies certificate and neuter/spay certificate. If you don’t have the certificates the clerks might be able to get the information from your Veterinarian. The cost is $9.00 for neutered dogs and $18.00 for unneutered.

Drive or walk around the neighborhood calling your dog. Check with neighbors, they may have seen which way he went. Call Animal Control at (585) 359-7009, they may have your dog or have had sightings. They will ask for information to complete a lost dog report and you will be advised to check the "found ads" in the newspaper, Craigslist, and check Lollypop Farm's hotline. The Animal Control Officer may also be able to drive around and help in the search.

If the Animal Control Officer picks up a dog and cannot locate the owner, the dog is taken to our holding facility located in Suburban Animal Hospital. To find out if we have your dog and what the charges will be, you need to call the Town Clerk's Office at (585) 334-7700 between 9am & 5pm or the Animal Control Office at (585) 359-7009 anytime. Suburban Animal Hospital will not give out any information regarding dogs picked up by Henrietta Animal Control.

To claim your dog you will need a current NY State dog license and a current rabies vaccination certificate. If you do not have these, you can obtain them at the Town Clerk's office. The dog cannot be released without these. The license is $9.00 for neutered dogs, $18.00 for unneutered dogs and a rabies vaccination is $15.00. There will also be boarding charges and possibly a seizure fee.

If you are comfortable talking with your neighbor, let them know the barking is disturbing you.  They might not be aware of the barking if it happens when they aren’t home.  If you don’t want to approach your neighbor call Animal Control at (585) 359-7009 with the address of the “barker” and we will send a letter to the owner making them aware of the barking and also give them a reminder of the barking ordinance.  We will not use your name/address in the letter.  Follow up with Animal Control Office and let us know if the letter helped or not.

Dogs will occasionally slip out and a responsible owner will go and get their dog, but if your neighbor lets their dog wander the neighborhood on a regular basis, that is a violation of the leash law we have in Henrietta.  You can call Animal Control at (585) 359-7009 and give them the address where the dog lives and they will send a letter to the dog owner reminding them of the leash law.  This is done anonymously.  AC can also patrol the neighborhood which may serve as a reminder to the people that let their dog wander that there is a leash law.  They may also be able to catch the wandering dog and the owner will have to pay fees to get their dog back.

If the dog appears to be in distress, call 911.  You may also call the investigators at the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm - (585) 223-6500.  If you are at a store with security, such as the mall, you could also have the mall/store security page the owner.

There is no leash law for cats; therefore, the owners are not breaking any laws.  The cats, unfortunately, can wander wherever they want.  If you want to keep cats out of your yard, garden, etc., you can try a repellant.  A commercial repellant can be purchased at farm & garden stores and pet stores. There are also repellants you can make yourself and try.  You can go online to find some or you can call Animal Control at (585) 359-7009, they have a list they can mail to you that has a variety of things you can try.  If the cat appears feral (wild) and doesn't belong to anyone, AC can loan you a humane trap to catch it.  They will show you how to bait it, set it and the best location to place it along with other tips on how to catch the cat.

Once you catch it, however, the cat is your responsibility; take it to Lollypop Farm, a rescue group, keep it or find it a home.  AC does not pick up cats.

If the animal is able to walk it is best to leave it alone.  Keep children and pets away from it while it wanders through.  If the animal cannot stand and/or walk and is a Canada goose, deer, fox or coyote, you need to call the DEC at (585) 226-2466.  For smaller animals, for example, rabbit, bird or woodchuck, call Animal Control at (585) 359-7009 and they will pick up the injured animal.  Once AC picks up the animal it is checked by a Veterinarian who determines if the animal is a candidate for a rehabilitator or should be humanely euthanized.  AC can also give you the names and telephone numbers of rehabilitators that may take the animal if you prefer to contact them yourself.


Yes, if we have one.  The Assessor’s Office has copies of most deeds in our files and can provide a free copy to the property owner.  Just stop by our office with some form of identification, and we can check into it for you.

Yes, if we have one.  Surveys may be on file in the Assessor’s Office but are more likely to be available from our Building Department.

A veteran who served during a period of declared war, whether in combat or not, may qualify for a type of Veteran’s Exemption.  Call the Assessor’s Office at (585) 359-7032 for details.

No.  Residential property tax exemptions generally apply only to owner-occupied property.

Yes.  Both the STAR and Enhanced STAR are still available.  However, the NYS “Middle-Class STAR” rebate program was discontinued by New York State.

Yes, we review all sales on a continuous basis.  The sale price of your home will be taken into consideration but is only one factor as we go through that process.

Property tax exemptions generally apply only to owner-occupied property.  To receive these exemptions, you must prove that address to be your primary residence, which is best done with a current NYS driver license.

Some exemptions, particularly those that are income-based, require an annual renewal.  Some other exemptions do not need to be renewed annually.  The Basic STAR exemption does not need an annual renewal, but the Enhanced STAR and Limited-Income Senior exemptions do need to be renewed every year by March 1.

You may contact the Assessor's Office at (585) 359-7032 or use the following FOIL Request Form.

icon FOIL Request Form

Maybe, and maybe not.  It would depend on how much your assessed value changes relative to the other properties in town

Yes. The application can be found on the this website in the Residential Permit Application section under the Building & Fire Prevention Applications in the Document Center or by visiting the link below.

Residential Permit Applications

The New York State Fire Code stipulates that all commercial businesses have to be inspected once every 3 years and all places of assemblies (bars, restaurants, churches, etc.) have to be inspected annually.

No. These systems need to be inspected by a NYS licensed Fire Extinguisher Technician and/or a NYS licensed Alarm Technician

No, but they do have to follow the NYS Fire Code regulation F 307.1 along with the guidelines of the Town of Henrietta Building & Fire Prevention Department. These guidelines can be viewed below.

Residential Fire Guidelines

Yes, the Town Code states that no sign shall be erected without a permit. You may find a Sign Permit Application under Commercial Applications in the Building and Fire Prevention section of our Document Center or by visiting the link below.

Commercial Permit Applications

Yes, the Town Code stipulates that construction sites are required to ensure that dust generated from the site does not travel beyond the borders of that property. Contact the Engineering Department at (585) 359-7070 if you wish to log a complaint regarding dust originating from a construction site and an inspector will investigate your complaint.

Construction activities are only allowed by Town Code between the hours of 8AM and 10PM. If there is an ongoing problem with construction near your property, contact the Engineering Department at (585) 359-7070 and an inspector will investigate your complaint.

Wetland buffers are required to prevent encroachment into adjoining New York State Wetlands. These 100 foot buffer areas are to remain undeveloped. The building of structures is not permitted. For further information, please contact the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at (585) 226-2466.

The Town does not do the electrical inspection. We have two (2) outside agencies certified to do electrical inspections. Call the Building Department at (585) 359-7060 for more information

Generally not, as instrument survey maps are generated for the benefit of the parties involved in a real estate transaction. The map is not required to be on file with the Town of Henrietta or at the County Clerk’s office. If one happens to be on file, it may not be the most recent one, but would possibly be found in the Assessor’s office or the Building Department.

You can find permit fees listed on the cover page of the individual building permit applications found at the link below.

Building & Fire Prevention Permit Applications

If the project consists of the use of a “pre-engineered system”, such as a paneled-wall sunroom enclosure, or a manufactured building, engineered-stamped drawings are required. If your project consists of alteration work costing in excess of twenty-thousand dollars or affects structural or public safety, architectural drawings are required.

Call the Code Enforcement Office at (585) 359-7066.

Town Code requires that grass not grow to a height higher than six inches. If this is a persistent problem at one property, call the Code Enforcement Office.

Yes but only as allowed by DEC Regulations. It must be on private property. Firearms are not allowed on Town of Henrietta property under any circumstances.

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Yes we can. Did you know that the zoning map is available on line? (Through the Town Code link under Quicklinks on the home page).

Click here to go to Zoning Map.

If the intent is to subdivide the original parcel into two parcels, then that subdivision can be done administratively. According to New York State law, when three or more parcels are proposed to be created, the subdivision must first have a public hearing at Planning Board before obtaining final approval. All subdivisions are subject to review by Town of Henrietta staff and subject to (but not limited to) the subdivision/re-subdivision checklist, found below. Ultimately, all subdivisions and re-subdivisions are recorded in the Monroe County Clerk’s office, where they become a matter of public record.



The answer to that can vary according to the circumstances of a particular property. Call the Assessor’s Office at (585) 359-7032 for more information.

Any automotive repair shop will take your used motor oil.

The initial rough grading will be done soon after the necessary underground utility corrections are made. Due to the nature of the work and allowing time for ground settlement, the final restoration may not be completed until weather conditions or seasonal restrictions allow. Rest assured that the final restoration will be completed on all Town controlled projects.

The Street map can be purchased at the Town Clerk’s Office and the Zoning Map can be purchased in the Building Department. Note that these copies are in black and white. You may also download a PDF copy by visiting the link below.  Due to the size of the Zoning Map, it is too large for the website.  You may download a copy of the map by following the link below.

eCode - Misc. Documents

Subdivisions of property require a review by the Town. This may be administrative or formal (Planning Board) depending on the nature of the subdivision. Contact the Engineering Department at (585) 359-7070 for more information and to begin the review process.

The Town of Henrietta has many, but not all, recorded easements, for Town infrastructures such as, sewers, drainage, etc.  Please contact the Engineering Department at (585) 359-7070 for additional information.

If a partial abandonment is needed because part of a structure is located within the easement then a map showing the encroachment with a metes and bounds description of the proposed abandonment, prepared by a NYS licensed land surveyor, is submitted to the Engineering Department and the Town Board for approval and if approved, it is then recorded in the Monroe County Clerk’s office.

If the drainage problem is a result of new construction near your property, please contact the Engineering Department at (585) 359-7070 and an inspector will investigate your complaint.  For all other drainage issues, please contact the Drainage Department at (585) 359-7072 or (585) 359-7005 if it is an emergency.

Your neighbor’s sump discharge must be self contained on their own property, if it is not it must be redirected in order to do so.  Contact the Code Enforcement office at (585) 359-7066 for additional assistance.

No; this is a violation of Town Code.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to FEMA’s website (
  • Click on Flood Insurance, Maps and Information
  • Then click on Map Service Center  (MSC).
  • From this page under Select a Product: choose Flood Maps and then enter your address/parcel information and click on the search button.  You will then be able to view a map of your property and determine whether or not it is in a Flood Zone.

Note: The Town of Henrietta Engineering Department is only a distributing agency of the FIRM information and does not make any determination regarding the Flood Zone or provide Letters of Map Revision (LOMR).

If you feel that you are not in a Flood Zone in contrast to what the FIRM shows, you must hire a Licensed Land Surveyor at your own expense to provide you with an Elevation Certificate.  You should then submit a copy of the Certification to FEMA so that they can review your claim and make a determination.  The issue is only between the land-owner and FEMA.

Sorry, the Town cannot refer business to any consulting/contracting firm.  The best way to find professional services is to look in the phone book or online; do your homework and ask for past project experience within the Town of Henrietta.

The DMV is located in Suburban Plaza, 2199 East Henrietta Road.

Actually, the Monroe Correctional Facility is at 750 East Henrietta Road in the Town of Brighton. Contact information is as follows:

Administration - (585) 753-3078 
Visiting appointments - (585) 753-3065 
Inmate information - (585) 753-4138

The Rush-Henrietta School District’s Main Office will be able to assist you with that, and they can be reached at (585) 359-5000.

Law enforcement in the town is handled by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. However, you may request our speed monitor on your street; this portable unit shows the posted speed limit and the speed of the oncoming vehicle. Call the Highway Department at (585) 359-7005.

Henrietta does replace mailboxes that are damaged by Town employees. This replacement is a service to the residents. However, we do not have the ability to replace all types of mailboxes in the kind. If you believe that the Town has damaged your mailbox, please call 359-7005.

Call the County Environmental Services at (585) 760-7600, and choose the hazardous material selection from their phone menu.

Call the New York State Thruway Authority at 1-800-847-8929.

Simply bag your leaves, the branches must be cut in 3 foot lengths and bundled. Put both out for your refuse company collection.

The Town ordinance prohibits parking on all roads in Henrietta from November 1st thru April 15th, between the hours of 2:00 am and 9:00 am. Vehicles may be ticketed.

Clear roadsides allow our crew to salt and plow our streets efficiently and safely.

No, we do not have a dump site, contact your garbage service for a dumpster.

You must have less than $50,000 cash or liquid assets.

Yes. We offer Monroe County Home Improvement Grants and Accessibility Grants.

You can e-mail your name, address and phone number to Supervisors Office, Supervisor’s Secretary or phone her at (585) 359-7001.

  • Families with household incomes below the limits are eligible to receive a grant for 100% of eligible project costs, up to $10,000. The amount of the grant is based on the cost of repairs and is paid to the contractor after work is completed.
  • There are also Accessibility Grants for households with a disabled member with incomes below the limits and would be eligible to receive an additional grant for 100% for accessibility improvements, up to $2,500.
  • You will not have to repay a grant unless you sell or transfer ownership of your home within the affordability period, generally five years after completion of the project. If you transfer ownership during this time, you will be required to repay the full grant amount.

No, you must be current on your property taxes and your mortgage.

Prior HIP grant recipients may apply for one repeat grant 10 years after completion of the first project.

Yes. Income limits as of 4/27/09 are as follows:

  • Family Size of 1 person = $37,250 Maximum Annual Gross Income
  • Family Size of 2 people = $42,550 Maximum Annual Gross Income
  • Family Size of 3 people = $47,900 Maximum Annual Gross Income
  • Family Size of 4 people = $53,200 Maximum Annual Gross Income
  • Family Size of 5 people = $57,450 Maximum Annual Gross Income
  • Family Size of 6 people = $61,700 Maximum Annual Gross Income
  • Family Size of 7 people = $65,950 Maximum Annual Gross Income
  • Family Size of 8 people = $70,200 Maximum Annual Gross Income

No, not right away. You have to live in the home for at least one year before applying. Prior first time homebuyer grant recipients are not eligible to apply until the five-year affordability period has expired. Property value must be within maximum FHA mortgage limits.

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You can’t bring your pets to Tinker Park because it is a nature park and we don’t want to scare the wild life away. You may bring them to all of the other parks as long as they are leashed and you pick up after them.

The park hours are sunrise to dusk except Veterans Memorial Park which closes at 10 PM

Yes, the ponds at Tinker Nature Park and Martin Road Park are stocked. All fishing in Henrietta Parks is catch and release so that other people can enjoy fishing.

The Monroe County Clerk’s office, located at 39 W. Main Street, Rochester, New York 14614 (at the corner of W. Main Street and South Fitzhugh Street) can provide this information. For further information, please contact (585)753-1645.

For your protection, the Town’s policy is NOT to accept payment over the telephone.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation requires individuals age sixteen (16) and older to obtain a fishing license. Individuals under sixteen (16) years of age do not need a fishing license, as long as they are fishing with a licensed individual.

New York State Agriculture and Markets Law requires all dogs age four (4) months and older to be licensed. Proof of rabies vaccination is required. For dogs spayed/neutered the annual fee is $9.00, and for dogs not spayed/neutered the annual fee is $18.00.

No, Small Claims must be filed at the Henrietta Town Court, which is located at 95 Methodist Hill Drive, Suite 800. For more information, please call (585)359-2640.

No, traffic tickets must be paid at the Henrietta Town Court, which is located at 95 Methodist Hill Drive, Suite 800. For more information, please call (585)359-2640.

Water bills can no longer be paid at the Town Hall. The Town of Henrietta signed a Forty Year (40) Lease Agreement with the MCWA in July, 2002. The MCWA now issues the bills to Henrietta residents, and also collects the payments. A complete listing of your payment options is located on the back of the MCWA bill. For further information, please contact the MCWA at (585)442-7200.

The Town of Henrietta does offer passport processing by appointment only.  Contact the Town Clerk’s office for information or visit the link below.

Town Clerk - Passports

Payments are received at the Town Clerk’s Office in the Town Hall, which is located at 475 Calkins Road.

If you owe delinquent taxes these are paid at the Monroe County Treasurer, located at 39 W. Main Street, Room B-2, Rochester, New York 14614. Call (585) 753-1200 for amount due; Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

There is no public dump site within the Town of Henrietta. For assistance/guidance with regard to debris that cannot be disposed of through your refuse company, please contact the Public Works Department at (585)359-7005.

No, this service is provided by your refuse company, at no additional charge (per Henrietta Town Code) IF you are paying for “full service” refuse collection. Please note, an additional charge can be imposed by your refuse company IF the item contains freon. For further information, please contact your refuse company.

No, this service is provided by your refuse company, at no additional charge (per Henrietta Town Code) IF you are paying for “full service” refuse collection.

For further information, please contact your refuse company.

If the Birth or Death occurred in Monroe County, you would contact the Monroe County Health Department, located at 111 Westfall Road, within the Town of Brighton. For further information, please call (585)753-2991.

Our office can issue a certified marriage certificate if you obtained your marriage license in Henrietta. The cost is $10 dollars for each certified copy if you pick it up/$20 dollars if you need us to mail it to you.

The Henrietta Chamber of Commerce can be reached at (585)747-4459 or by visiting their website at

Dog licenses are issued at the Town Clerk’s office in the Town Hall. You must have rabies vaccination proof for the dog you are licensing. If the dog has not received rabies vaccination, it cannot be licensed. If the dog has been spayed/neutered you need that documentation as well. Once you receive the tags for the dog’s license, the dog keeps that same tags for the duration of its life and you just pay to renew it every year, either by mail or in person at the Town Clerk’s Office.  Visit the link below for more information.

Town Clerk - Dog Licenses

There are several licensed residential refuse collectors within the Town.  They do not have assigned routes.  A complete listing of those authorized to collect in Henrietta is available by visiting the link below.  A few suggestions would be to speak with your new neighbors and ask for their recommendations, ask which day of the week they service your area, contact the individual haulers to discuss their services, and prices, etc.

 There are several ways to obtain your tax information.  Please feel free to contact the Tax Receiver’s Office at (585) 359-7035 to find out the exact amount due, and the address in which to mail your payment or you can visit the Monroe County Treasury’s website at to view/pay your taxes online. 

The Town Board welcomes all input from residents and calls for any comments at the end of every Town Board meeting, at which time you would have an opportunity to address the Town Board on any matter that involves the Town of Henrietta.

You may email all of the Town Board Members at or you can access their individual contact information at


There is a Notary Public available at the Town Clerk’s Office from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Please bring photo identification for each person signing a document. There is a $2 fee for non-residents. More details available on the webpage listed below.

Passport fees are set by the U.S. Department of State:

Adult passport book: $110
Child passport book: $80
Processing fee for either child or adult: $35
Pictures: $10

More information about passports can be found at the following weblink:


Henrietta celebrates Independence Day on July 4th, with events scheduled throughout the day, including a spectacular fireworks display at the Veterans’ Memorial Park, located on Calkins Road. For further information, please contact the Recreation Department at (585)-359-2540.

Passport processing is done by appointment only.  You will need a valid driver’s license, and a raised seal birth certificate with a file date within one year of birth.  Please have application entirely filled out before your appointment.  If you are obtaining a passport for your child(ren) under the age of 16 BOTH parents must be present.

Both parties need to be present. You need TWO forms of legal identification. This includes birth certificate, valid driver license, or passport.  If you have been divorced, you need your stamped “received” divorce papers from EVERY previous marriage.

Detailed information can be found at the following weblink:

Click HERE to submit a FOIL request.

The Freedom of Information Law requires that we respond to a request within five (5) business days of receipt of a request.  If your request is approved, your request will be sent to the appropriate department for fulfillment.  The requested documents will be released to you as soon as possible depending upon the volume of documents requested and time involved locating the material, but it will be within twenty (20) business days from the approval, unless we notify you otherwise.  If any portion of the request is denied, you will be informed of the reason in writing and provided with the contact information to whom an appeal should be directed.

Main Post Office (Jefferson Road) (585) 272-5953;

Henrietta Post Office (Goodburlet Road) (585) 334-3700;

West Henrietta Post Office (Erie Station Road) (585) 334-5954.

Working papers can be obtained through the Rush-Henrietta School District, generally at the nurse’s office, located at the Senior High School, 1799 Lehigh Station Road, Henrietta, New York 14467. For further information, please contact (585)359-5200.

D/B/A’s are processed through the Monroe County Clerk’s office, located at 39 W. Main Street, Rochester, New York 14614 (at the corner of W. Main Street and South Fitzhugh Street). For further information, please contact (585) 753-1600.

Pistol Permits are processed through the Monroe County Clerk’s office, located at 39 W. Main Street, Rochester, New York 14614 (at the corner of W. Main Street and South Fitzhugh Street). For further information, please contact (585) 753-1600.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Central Records Unit

Public Safety Building

130 South Plymouth Avenue

Rochester, NY 14614

Monday – Thursday

10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

There is a $25.00 for the service.

Conservation licenses can be obtained from the Town Clerk’s office during normal business hours:  Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except on holidays.

There is no jail located within the Town of Henrietta boundaries. There is, however, a Monroe County Correctional Facility located on East Henrietta Road (next to Monroe Community College), in the Town of Brighton. For further information, please contact (585)753-3077.