Henrietta Dog Park at Lookup Park

Henrietta’s dog park at Lookup Park is part of Monroe County’s Dog Park System and is located at 3850 East Henrietta Road (between Route 90 and Spring Blossom Circle).  The Henrietta Dog Park provides a legal recreational outlet environment for leash-free dogs, enabling dogs to interact and socialize with other dogs, as well as providing an ability to run and get the exercise they need.

In order to partake in the benefits of this year round park, you must first have your dog up to date on their rabies vaccination, have them licensed (per New York State Law), and then register for the dog park using the following form.

Dog Park Permit Application



Myah, Kayla and Ali enjoying the equipment at the Henrietta Dog Park.
Photo courtesy of Janet Nielsen – Taken August 2015

How to Register for the Dog Park

To register for the dog park, you will need to bring in a copy of the valid dog licensing paperwork and proof of a valid rabies vaccination showing the date of vaccination and whether it is a 1 year or 3 year vaccine.  If the dog is licensed in the Town of Henrietta and our records show that the rabies vaccination is up to date, you do not need to bring this paperwork with you.

  • Come in to our office during normal business hours
    The Town Clerk’s Office is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  We are able to accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards for payment.  Please note that there is 2.4% service fee or a minimum of $1.50 service fee for credit and debit card payments.  This service fee is charged by the payment processor, not by the Town of Henrietta.

  • Mail in your payment
    Make your check payable to “Town of Henrietta” and mail the appropriate paperwork to the following address:

    Town of Henrietta
    ATTN: Frank Ferraro
    475 Calkins Road
    Rochester, NY 14623


Once registered you will receive a metal dog park tag with the current year on it. You will also receive an access card (1 per household) to grant you access to Ellison, Greece Canal, and the Henrietta Dog parks, as well as a pin number for the Sweden town park. This dog park access card is permanent and costs $20.00 to replace if needed. We request that authorized dog park patrons do not grant access to others at the dog park. This is to help protect our dog park and prevent unauthorized use.

For further information or any questions, please call the Town Clerk’s Office at (585) 359-7035 or email



There is a $24.00 fee per dog for a dog park permit – a separate permit is required for each dog.  Registration for the dog park is for the calendar year.  Permits are not prorated and expire December 31st of the current permit year.  Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  However, permits issued beginning October 1st will be valid throughout the end of the current calendar year as well as the following year.  

Information About the Henrietta Dog Park

The grand opening of the Henrietta Dog Park was held on July 25, 2014.  The Henrietta Dog Park is all grass and is split into two areas: a 1.59 acre large dog park (for all dogs) and a 0.72 acre small dog park (for dogs 18” or smaller and under 25 pounds, elderly dogs, and dogs with disabilities). The park is open year round from dawn to dusk and it features both shade and sun seating areas and an area to wash your dog. The Henrietta Park Staff re-stocks the dog waste bag dispensers, empties the waste receptacles, and performs any necessary maintenance.

The Dog Park is self-monitoring; there are no Park Staff assigned to monitor the Park activity. If you witness or experience a dangerous or unlawful situation, you are advised to call 911.



Monroe County Dog Park System

Registering for the Henrietta Dog Park also allows you to enjoy the other three (3) Monroe County Dog Parks:

  • Ellison Park
    Blossom Road East of Route 590
    Rochester, NY 14625

  • Greece Canal Park
    241 Elmgrove Road
    Greece, NY 14626

  • Sweden Town Park
    4745 Redman Road
    Brockport, NY 14420


For more information on the other Monroe County Dog Parks, please visit the Monroe County Dog Parks Page.

Park Rules

For your safety, the safety of your dog(s) and those around you, we ask that everyone adhere to the guidelines that the Town of Henrietta and Monroe County have established.

Owners are expected to:

  1. Have voice control over their dog(s) and keep their dog(s) in sight at all times.
  2. They will be responsible for the conduct of their dog and responsible for all injury to person or property caused by the dog.
  3. Clean up after their dog.
  4. Must immediately leash and remove from the area their dog showing aggression toward persons or other dogs.
  5. Not bring more than 3 dogs in the off-leash area at one time.


For the safety of all dogs and humans:

  • No food (human or dog), alcohol, smoking, or glass
  • No children under 10
  • No choke, pronged, or spiked collars
  • No large dogs in the small dog area
  • No dogs in heat, or that are ill or injured
  • No dogs under 6 months old

For the complete list of rules and guidelines, please see the Henrietta Dog Park Rules below.

 Henrietta Dog Park Rules


Park Donations

Thank you to the following people who have kindly made donations to the Henrietta Dog Park!

  • Tim Olsen and Carolyn Fisher of Suburban Animal Hospital (2014)
  • Merri Lynn Greiener (2014)
  • Janet & “Keisha” Howland (2014)
  • Shirley Wright (2015)
  • “The Four O’Clock Group” (2016)
  • Emily Gross (2016)



Janet & “Keisha” Howland with the bench they donated
Photo courtesy of Todd Baker – Taken January 2015


Four Oclock Group

“The Four O’Clock Group” with one of the two benches they donated
Photo courtesy of Jolene Hubers – Taken July 2016


Dogpark emily