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FAQs - All FAQs

There is no jail located within the Town of Henrietta boundaries. There is, however, a Monroe County Correctional Facility located on East Henrietta Road (next to Monroe Community College), in the Town of Brighton. For further information, please contact (585)753-3077.

Yes, if we have one.  The Assessor’s Office has copies of most deeds in our files and can provide a free copy to the property owner.  Just stop by our office with some form of identification, and we can check into it for you.

Yes, if we have one.  Surveys may be on file in the Assessor’s Office but are more likely to be available from our Building Department.

You can’t bring your pets to Tinker Park because it is a nature park and we don’t want to scare the wild life away. You may bring them to all of the other parks as long as they are leashed and you pick up after them.

The park hours are sunrise to dusk except Veterans Memorial Park which closes at 10 PM

Yes, the ponds at Tinker Nature Park and Martin Road Park are stocked. All fishing in Henrietta Parks is catch and release so that other people can enjoy fishing.

A veteran who served during a period of declared war, whether in combat or not, may qualify for a type of Veteran’s Exemption.  Call the Assessor’s Office at (585) 359-7032 for details.

No.  Residential property tax exemptions generally apply only to owner-occupied property.

Yes.  Both the STAR and Enhanced STAR are still available.  However, the NYS “Middle-Class STAR” rebate program was discontinued by New York State.

You must have less than $50,000 cash or liquid assets.