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Yes but only as allowed by DEC Regulations. It must be on private property. Firearms are not allowed on Town of Henrietta property under any circumstances.

The initial rough grading will be done soon after the necessary underground utility corrections are made. Due to the nature of the work and allowing time for ground settlement, the final restoration may not be completed until weather conditions or seasonal restrictions allow. Rest assured that the final restoration will be completed on all Town controlled projects.

The Street map can be purchased at the Town Clerk’s Office and the Zoning Map can be purchased in the Building Department. Note that these copies are in black and white. You may also download a PDF copy by visiting the link below.  Due to the size of the Zoning Map, it is too large for the website.  You may download a copy of the map by following the link below.

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Subdivisions of property require a review by the Town. This may be administrative or formal (Planning Board) depending on the nature of the subdivision. Contact the Engineering Department at (585) 359-7070 for more information and to begin the review process.

The Town of Henrietta has many, but not all, recorded easements, for Town infrastructures such as, sewers, drainage, etc.  Please contact the Engineering Department at (585) 359-7070 for additional information.

If a partial abandonment is needed because part of a structure is located within the easement then a map showing the encroachment with a metes and bounds description of the proposed abandonment, prepared by a NYS licensed land surveyor, is submitted to the Engineering Department and the Town Board for approval and if approved, it is then recorded in the Monroe County Clerk’s office.

If the drainage problem is a result of new construction near your property, please contact the Engineering Department at (585) 359-7070 and an inspector will investigate your complaint.  For all other drainage issues, please contact the Drainage Department at (585) 359-7072 or (585) 359-7005 if it is an emergency.

Your neighbor’s sump discharge must be self contained on their own property, if it is not it must be redirected in order to do so.  Contact the Code Enforcement office at (585) 359-7066 for additional assistance.

No; this is a violation of Town Code.