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Follow these steps:

  • Go to FEMA’s website (
  • Click on Flood Insurance, Maps and Information
  • Then click on Map Service Center  (MSC).
  • From this page under Select a Product: choose Flood Maps and then enter your address/parcel information and click on the search button.  You will then be able to view a map of your property and determine whether or not it is in a Flood Zone.

Note: The Town of Henrietta Engineering Department is only a distributing agency of the FIRM information and does not make any determination regarding the Flood Zone or provide Letters of Map Revision (LOMR).

If you feel that you are not in a Flood Zone in contrast to what the FIRM shows, you must hire a Licensed Land Surveyor at your own expense to provide you with an Elevation Certificate.  You should then submit a copy of the Certification to FEMA so that they can review your claim and make a determination.  The issue is only between the land-owner and FEMA.

Sorry, the Town cannot refer business to any consulting/contracting firm.  The best way to find professional services is to look in the phone book or online; do your homework and ask for past project experience within the Town of Henrietta.

Yes. The application can be found on the this website in the Residential Permit Application section under the Building & Fire Prevention Applications in the Document Center or by visiting the link below.

Residential Permit Applications

The New York State Fire Code stipulates that all commercial businesses have to be inspected once every 3 years and all places of assemblies (bars, restaurants, churches, etc.) have to be inspected annually.

No. These systems need to be inspected by a NYS licensed Fire Extinguisher Technician and/or a NYS licensed Alarm Technician

No, but they do have to follow the NYS Fire Code regulation F 307.1 along with the guidelines of the Town of Henrietta Building & Fire Prevention Department. These guidelines can be viewed below.

Residential Fire Guidelines

Yes, the Town Code states that no sign shall be erected without a permit. You may find a Sign Permit Application under Commercial Applications in the Building and Fire Prevention section of our Document Center or by visiting the link below.

Commercial Permit Applications

Yes, the Town Code stipulates that construction sites are required to ensure that dust generated from the site does not travel beyond the borders of that property. Contact the Engineering Department at (585) 359-7070 if you wish to log a complaint regarding dust originating from a construction site and an inspector will investigate your complaint.