The Town Board of the Town of Henrietta recognizes that there are state statutory provisions mandating towns to establish rules and standards of ethical conduct for public officers and employees which can enhance public confidence in local government.  Therefore, every effort will be made to assure the highest caliber of public administration of this Town as part of our state's important system of local government.  It is the purpose of this article to implement this objective through the establishment of standards of conduct, to provide for punishment of violation of such standards and to create a Board of Ethics to render advisory opinions to the Town's officers and employees, as provided herein.

Members (2 Year Term/5 Members) 

Member Term Expiration
Linda Salpini At TB Discretion
Kenneth Breese At TB Discretion
Bill Mueller At TB Discretion
Robert Cook At TB Discretion
Mary Bisbee-Burrows  At TB Discretion
Naomi Pless,Alternate At TB Discretion