altChuck Marshall

Commissioner of Public Works

475 Calkins Road
Henrietta, NY 14467

Contact (585) 359-7008
alt (585) 359-7029
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alt Hours of Operation:
    Monday - Friday
    7am- 3:30pm


The Henrietta Highway Department is responsible for all maintenance on Town roads, as well as performing certain functions on County and State highways within the Town of Henrietta under contract to those respective agencies. These maintenance activities include:

  • Street maintenance, including pothole patching, concrete curb / gutter repair, catch basin repair, tree trimming / removal, crosswalk marking, street sign installation and repair, roadside drainage systems and driveway pipes (including flushing, etc. to eliminate flooding and maintain positive drainage ). Also included are capital improvements, such as concrete gutter replacement, road widening and/or recycling, and the resurfacing of Town roads.
  • Street sweeping of all Town roads, as well as State and County highways with either curbs or gutters.
  • Roadside mowing of all undeveloped Town roads, as well as County highways.
  • Snow and Ice Control of all State, County and Town roads within the Town, within the exception of NYS Route I 390 and the NYS Thruway. This also includes the repair of any damage done during the course of these operations to lawns and mailboxes.
  • Dead animal removal of carcasses from any small animals on any roads are picked by Animal Control, but deer carcasses on Town and County roads are removed by the Highway Department. alt

In addition, the Highway Dispatcher also acts as a clearing house for information on who and where to call for help with other public works problems which are actually the responsibility of other agencies, such as the Monroe County Water Authority, the Monroe County DOT, the NYSDOT, RG&E, etc.. We can be reached 24 hours a day, Contact us.